Crazy Octo

Crazy Octo
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Crazy Octo 160G

These jigs can be fished both shallow and deep. Heavy-duty skirts and trailers create a natural slow dancing/ waving action to stop predatory fish in their tracks. An additional anchor point lets you add a treble hook for suspended fish or to add additional weight.

Use a slow yo-yo or slow long pull presentation for maximum effect

Cobia and Snappers go crazy over these jigs but amberjacks aren’t shy to knock it around also. If you’re able to get the jig to the bottom without getting hooked-up in the fall.  You’ll have a great chance of hooking up with a grouper.  Many big grouper have maker with this jig.

Target Species: Snapper, Cobia, Grouper, and Amberjack 


Weight 160G

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