Kraken Jr.

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Same as the Kracken Sr. just on the smaller size for when the fish are feeding smaller baits.

These are high quality stickbaits, with SS through wire construction to provide maximum strength. All Hand painted and assembled. These lures have a multi coat of epoxy top coat. This baits has a dart slash action when continually working the rod. If slowed down with long swooping motion of the rod. The bait will nose down and have a sub-surface swimming action with a large bubble trail. This will get the attention of most predatory fish.  So be ready for the water to explode at any second.

These stickbaits were designed for Tuna, GT’s, and many other Reef Fish that like to smash surface baits.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a fish explode on your lure.

Target Species: Tuna all types, Giant Trevallies, and many other Reef Species.


Length: 160mm / 6.3 Inches

Weight: 49g / 1.75Oz (±) 4% without hooks

Hooks Recommendations: Owner ST-66 2/0 or 4/0 Singles

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