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Texas Toothpick

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Texas Toothpick

Here it is what a lot of you guys have been waiting for the Texas Toothpick.  This is a great pencil bait. We have been testing this for some time inshore and offshore. These lure have shown to put fish in the box.  The lure has a side to side swimming action when just reeled. When sinking the lure has a flutter action, with rod tip input it has a side to side dart action with a little bit of twist combined with the holographic finish gives which gives this lure a great flash.  Comes with 4X strong VMC hooks.  It has an internal rattle system. Composed of high quality ABS plastic.



Length 5 7/8”

Weight 22g

Hooks #4 VMC 9626




Target Species

Inshore: Redfish, Speckled Trout, Bluefish, Spanish Mac, Snook. Striped Bass Orange spotted trevally.

Offshore: Mahi Mahi, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna, Queenfish, Trevally and many more

Freshwater: Bass all types.




While testing the Texas Toothpick on light tackle. I hooked into a large fish my first thought it was one of the many of Tuna that were breaking the water around us. After fighting the fish for some time I got to see just what the fish was. It turned out to be a Giant Trevally est. weight to be around 30 to 35 pounds. A great fish for such a small lure, and since these fish are called tackle busters. I was surprise how well the lure held up. I was still able to keep fishing with the lure with no problem.  

Yellowfin Tuna

Mahi Mahi

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