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Vertical jigging


This jig is similar to Nagamasa jig. This is a specially designed jig with a cutting edge back. The more you release line tension, the more water flows down the long surface, causing the jig to make long slide horizontally due to its unique shape of long, flat, center-weighted balance appearances. This sliding action has a strong appeal to fish.

People say this is one of the best styles of jig for Amberjack, but it can be used for other species such as Tuna, and grouper. We’ve had reports from overseas customers catching Dog Toothtuna, Coral Trout, Gt’s, and various types of snappers.      

This jig comes in two different sizes 200g, and 250g.

Ps. I personally carry this jig in my jig bag and will not leave shore without one. 


jigs do not come prerigged

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