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NEW Design

slow pitch jigs


This jig has all kind of things going for it. It is a compact flutter/speed/swimming jig. The compactness of this jig works well when the fish are feeding on smaller baits. I found when this happens you find yourself without a jig that is small enough and heavy enough to reach the fish. The other reason behind the jig being compact is I found a lot of fish will strike the bottom of the jig. So this jig gives the fish a smaller target which increases hook ups and a better day on the water.  The jig is tail weighted which gives it a faster dropping rate than most flutter jigs. The jig has two concave sides, and a wider body which help give the jig its wiggle, and flutter action.  The concaved sides also give this jig a nice swimming action when quickly retrieved. This jig will dart, flutter, and speed drop when using the yo-yo jigging method. I had the concaved areas glow powder coated for those of you that like to fish deep or at night.    

The jigs come in five different colors. These colors were chosen after a lot of research and fishing trials, and I found these to be the most productive colors.

Target Species: Tuna, Mahi, and reef fish such as snapper, grouper, cobia, amberjack, and others.


100g 3.5"

200g 4.5"

300g 5.125"






Jigs do not come prerigged

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