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The Cyclone Jig comes in 5 different sizes, and 6 different colors.

The Jig has an extremely unpredictable action that drives fish crazy. The jigs are not only great for Tuna but a big hit for AJ's, and other species. I have personally looked over the making of this jig and made improvements where I could. I’ve had guys from the east coast tell me how great these jigs are for Bluefin Tuna, and they out produce the Japanese jigs hands down.  These guys have landed tuna weighing well over 500 pounds on the Cyclone jigs.

My personal best with this jig a 90lb Yellowfin Tuna so far.

Target Species: Tuna all types, Amberjack, Snapper, Cobia, and Grouper




Some jigs come prerigged.

vertical jigs, butterfly jigs, jigging 

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