Tuna Bomb!!!

Tuna Bomb!!!
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 Tuna Bomb 


H4L Jigs is proud to introduce the Tuna Bomb.

These poppers are made for Tuna's, GT's, Mahi, Stripers, Dogtooth Tuna, and many more fish.   

Every lure is hand painted and assembled.  They have a multi coat epoxy finish. Solid wood constructed, Laser Paper applied to provide flash in every light situation.*

This popper has are wider body design, with a large cup surface that produces a loud popping action, large splash and large bubble trail. The colors are custom designed for performance.  These colors are proven to entice strikes. 



900lb. Stainless Steel trough wire, and a Stainless tail weight.

400lb. Mid. Swivel

Length 8" 

Width 1.63"

Weight 125g (±) 3g







* Not all Poppers have  Laser paper.

The poppers are not equipped with hooks. 

Finish may scratch/flake do to hooks or fish.

Best Values

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